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Hello readers, I would like to share some viewpoints on nature’s gift in the ” poetry on nature in English”. The gift which is given by nature are seeds, fruits (which altogether makes trees along with some additional part), Sky/Clouds, Rainbow etc.


Hello Dear, I am a tree,

My trunk is grey/brown,

My leaves are green,

Hello Dear, I am a tree,

for many decades, I have been weeping,

human uses us, so I am weeping.

They have cut our branches,

They have cut our trunks,

They use us, they eradicate us.

Although, we are very useful,

Our every part is very useful,

But humans don’t think about us,

They just use us, leave us or eradicate us.

Poetry on nature in english

As we stand here for others,

We always think for the welfare of the human,

Without us, they can’t live anymore,

So we don’t want to be extinct from this planet,

That is why it is a must, says that,

We will be highly obliged for the human, if,

They can plant four trees, instead of cutting one tree.



Yes, I am a newborn baby,

I am the baby of plants or trees.

We have been sowed by humans,

If we are useful for them,

Otherwise as wild, we grow naturally.

Sometimes, we have been carried by  the birds and animals,

Sometimes we have been carried by the wind and water,

We move from one place to another through different agents,

But we are excited, that when we will have been sowed?.

poetry on nature in English

In a few weeks, we become plantlet,

In a few months, we gradually grow,

And develop our root, stem and leaves  fully,

In a few years, we become a giant tree.

When we were a seed,

We need some help for us to survive,

Now we are large plant and large tree,

Always help others by giving anything,

The rule of our ( human being) life is the same,

When  we were young, we need  protection and care to survive

But when become mature,

We need to think for others and always be like givers.



I am very cool, and healthy,

Everybody from kids to adults like me.

People eat me and chew me,

They love to take me, especially at lunch.

I am commonly green in colour,

Sometimes I am yellow in colour.

I keep people cool and calm,

I give them  Health and charm.

I am easy to digest, easy to carry,

Go in travel and carry me everywhere,

I am juicy and best in the summer season,

People use me, use differently in every place and season.

poetry on nature in English

Some keep me in their top of the eyes,

Someplace me in between the bread to make veg. sandwich,

Some cut me as a salad in lunch,

some mix me with the curd,

yes I know, I am very useful

now I am declaring my name,

I am a cucumber! Yes, I am a cucumber!.

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O my beautiful rainbow,

A pleasure to see you,

you are magnificent,

O my beautiful rainbow,

you are amazing in the sky,

I love to see you while or after rain,

I can’t stop myself to gaze you,

Coz, multi colours are in you.

O my beautiful rainbow,

Your colours make you so attractive.

O my beautiful rainbow,

You keep  violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow and red,

Everybody can be mad,

for watching your one single glimpse.

I am so crazy for you,

I am so mad for you,

You make my day when I get a chance to see you.

You are in the people’s poetry,

You are in the people’s story,

You are in the writer’s imagination,

You are God’s creation,

Any description for you can be less,

No, any speech can explain God’s beautiful creation,

God has given the natural colour,

So human-made artificial colour,

Nature teaches us a lot of things,

We have to thankful for the nature,

From where we got many gifts,

and rainbow is one of the precious natural gifts for us.

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O sky, O sky, you are huge and infinitive,

You are giant and limitless,

Your power is infinitive.

You embrace God within you,

You embrace stars in you,

You  spread  the good vibration from you,

We live here on the earth and absorb your positivity.

O sky, you are always open to all,

O sky, your hands are always giving to all,

You are such a great caretaker,

We all are your sons,

Our visions are very limited but your visions are unlimited,

O sky, we all are the inclusions of yours,

We all are a part of yours.

The white clouds look beautiful from here,

Those look like the white patches within the blue shiny silk,

The rain and the ice you throw from there,

people can’t stop watching to see that scene.

I see you early in the morning daily,

Then You gives me relaxation and peace,

You protected me as a giant umbrella from the rain,

O sky, I am highly obliged to you, coz, you are so high than the mountain.



I hope you must have liked these poetries in the ” poetry on nature in English”. Nature’s gifts like the rainbow, seeds, trees, sky, the cloud must have given you some useful information.

Thank you…..

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