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In the first poetry, an imaginary creature has been described, which is the favourite of the poetess. You just keep on guessing about the name of the creature and finally, you will get its name. So you have to keep in touch with the poem till the last end so that you will be able to know about the connected sentiments of the poetess to the particular creature in ” English Poetry Recitation “. 

O my  amazing creature, you come on my dream,

You are neither fully human nor fully fish,

 I have heard a lot of stories about you,

I have searched for you while surfing the internet.


You are amazing and dazzling, who touches my heart,

You are such a beautiful, who is unbeatable

You are the glamourous celebrity of my many imaginary stories.


O my magnificent Oceanid, you are dazzling and wonderful,

You are attractive and gorgeous, you are graceful and alluring,

 I am fond of to listening and watching videos about you,

  I have listened  some positive, negative and some grey shades stories about you.


I ponder, I consider,

To whom I should believe,

Do you have a really negative role in your life towards others?.


O my lovely creature,

I appreciate you and don’t want to believe in the other dark side of you.

You are so beautiful and stunning for me,

you are so cute and adorable for me.


All-day and night, you live under the water, the beautiful home, for sea animals,

I also want to explore your giant world, 

want to see, your life.


O creature,

what can I call for  you,

you are a Nereid, you are an Oceanid,

Oh yes, yes, you are mermaid, my mermaid, my lovely mermaid.

english poetry recitation

O mermaid, you are awesome, you are astonishing,

Without any doubt, you are astounding and breathtaking.

You are fabulous and always remain immortal in my heart.

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Musk deer are commonly found in the Himalayan mountains. It is a shy and solitary animal. It lives in a mountainous region from Siberia to the Himalayas. Keeping musk is its unique characteristics feature. Let’s see about it through the poetry and try to connect the sentiments of the poetess.

Hello, dear Deer, my  musk deer,

In my jungle book, you are the hero,

In my stories, you are the hero,


In my speech, you are the hero.

You live in high mountain, and high hill,

Where some large animals want to kill,


Even the eye of hunters is on you,

Because you are so precious and

Something is in you.


You are generally found in the Himalayan mountain,

Where it occurs rain, rain and rain.

 You are precious for your musk pods,

english poetry recitation


 You carry it in your abdomen and emit the aroma.

You are valued for your aroma,

You are chased for your aroma,


You are so beautiful and  amazing,

No one can stop to chase you,

Goddess Sita didn’t stop herself to  chase you,


Nowadays, you are valued,

 Especially in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry,

 So everyone should know, how its importance going to occur.

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The small and beautiful activity of the two little kids has been described. The poetess is overwhelmed to see and watch their activities. Through the poetry, some activities have been shared.

Two beautiful angels are lying near to me,

Have worn the same clothes, looking so pretty to me,


They are so naughty, so mischievous, so cool,

Like freedom and don’t want to follow any rules,


 Those are very lovely, enjoying to watch TV,

 Their presence can’t let feel anyone alone,


They both quarrel, sometimes love each other,

Seems so busy, and sometimes don’t need for them any caretaker.


 Yes, these two beautiful angels are near to me,

  Yes, yes very near to me, and feeling so blessed for me.


The beautiful age, they are going through,

No take worries and only wandering to and fro,

English poetry recitation

 Too noisy, too foodie, too agile,

Need for taking care, coz, they are too fragile.


Both are snuggling near to me,

Both are innocent and sometimes giggle to see me,


 everyone will feel blessed to have them,

Especially I feel lucky to have them.


I hope you all have enjoyed all the three poetries in ” English poetry recitation”. All have different stories. These are not interlinked with one another. You can share your opinions in the comment box.

Thank you

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