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Hello readers, “Poetry For Kids In English” brings you some beautiful collections, which you will enjoy while reading. You will feel, that the poetess is becoming overwhelmed when she is gazing at her child.



Hope to dream come true,

When I see you early in the morning,

It is just like dream come true,

poetry for kids in English

I feel I enjoy, I play, I think, 

 I become cautious about you when I see you,

I just feel you need me too much,

When I see you without me,

You don’t feel good and comfortable,

You just start searching me when you  no longer find me,

Most of the time you spend your time with me,

You learn you tease, you scold, you behave like an elder,

Is it dream come true……

You enjoy my company,

You don’t sleep even and love to be with me,

Who are you,

From where you come to me,

Which angel has given you to me,

You just want an emotional bonding,

Is it just dream come true.

Although you understand everything,

You want “me time” like all, not bothering at all,

poetry for kids in English

Sometimes I have to become strict,

I have to adapt strange behaviour,

Because I am worried about your future.

But you don’t get annoyed with me,

Don’t know what do you feel,

You always come to me,

Is it a dream or reality or I am still sleeping………. 

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Memory, the poetess is recalling and thinking that how her tiny daughter was eager to join the school. Here, the poetess wants to tell the sentiments of the kids, who did not take admission in school but waiting to join the school and it was going to delay because of lockdown.

Take a glimpse.


My school my teacher, I am just missing you,

When I will come to you,

When I will fulfil my dreams,

poetry for kids in English

When I will make my new friends,

I am just too curious about my new school,

I want to play with my friends,

I want to study with my new friends,

O my school, I am missing you.

I want to spend some time within a good atmosphere,

I want to live in a learning atmosphere,

I want to learn some creative things,

which will help me to give a shape,

I just want to spend some time with my new friends,

O my school, O my teacher,

I am missing you, I am missing you.

Thank you


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