Story Of Pets : How They Are Exactly Like Us



We can’t imagine our life without pets. Even if we see a pet in anybody’s house, we feel overwhelmed. The loving emotions that come toward the pets are not ignorable.

Everybody knows about the importance of keeping a pet. Good human beings are rare to find. We find ourselves very lucky if we have pets in our surroundings.  Our pets give us such kinds of feelings and make us secure.

When we are with our pets, we feel loved, secure, close, cool and tension free. For a moment, we forget all the things and feel just being with him.

Here in this article,” story of pets “.I would like to share my experience with the different pets. which I am sure, you would enjoy reading it. step by step if you go ahead, you will see a new real story.

As you will go ahead to read the articles. You will come to know that they are very close to human beings.


If I talk about the bird and animal’s behaviour.  I find their behaviour very similar to human beings. We can not understand their language. They are very much dissimilar in morphology too.

The qualities which I have observed, that is their possession of their child. They act very defensively when they found that someone is coming with the intention of harming their kids.

Although they understand which person is a closed one and which person is a distant one. Their reaction also depends on the proximity and anti-proximity of the person.

If we watch the discovery channel and national geography, we can see their various activities. Sometimes we observe the same bird with different sounds. They use it for calling their mates. They understand their languages.

How do the animals and birds take revenge?. How do they recognise their enemy?. It shows that they have enough intelligence.

Do you know? Ant and Termites have their queen, male workers, and female workers. Their work is also divisible, according to their category.

story of pets

If I talk about dogs, they are very faithful animals. Their intelligence depends on their breeds. Some breeds are taken by the army for their intelligence. What I observe about them, their intuition is very strong.

They understand before the event happens. Their behaviour shows a lot of things, even they can understand when the person is sad.



When we come from outside. He is the one who waits for us and misses us for the whole day when we are away from him. He feels our absence. If we come to our home after work, then we observe their behaviour, they jump towards us, hug us and embrace us for a long time.

It shows they also have emotional needs like human beings. Different animals have different behaviour.

Dogs embrace and hug us. Cats lick our feet and wander around us round-round. When the cat wants to butter with us, she just touches her body with us and walks around. It is so hilarious and enjoyable to be with them. 


How does he feel?. If he goes outside. A dog is a pet animal, whom we can take away with us.  Unlike a cat, dogs feel so proud when he goes outside with us.

You must have observed at your home, your relative’s home or your neighbour’s home that some breeds of dogs who are just like a decorated pet look so amazing, adorable and lovable.

story of pets

If you will come across such a lovable showpiece pet on the way, you will notice they are just scared of another animal when they are far away from their owner.

But immediately when they are in the control of their owner, they just want to scare their enemy by showing their presence and showing their aggression.

It is a lovely feeling to see these kinds of behaviour. It shows they are very similar to us. They feel protection, security, danger and insecurity like us. 



As we understand them as family members, they feel the same too. Cat is a home-loving pet. She loves to live at home the whole day. On the other hand, Dogs don’t have any problem going outside. In fact, he enjoys a lot going outside.

The Dog generally acts like a protector for their family members. He becomes active and alert and ready to attack if anyone gives bad intentions to his owner.

He observes it naturally. Pets are very sensitive to feel these vibrations. Even they feel seismic waves that occur far away under the ground.



You might have observed in your surroundings that our pets understand our known ones. They observe our friendly relationship with the people. They generally bark when they see strangers, vegetable vendors, garbage pickers, waste material pickers, scrap dealers etc.



I already have told you about my experience with different animals in ” story of pets”. But I would also like to discuss my experience with birds. I remember my old days when I used to get up so early in the morning and used to sit on my balcony.

It was so dark and peaceful. I used to see the different breeds of the birds sitting on the electricity wires, which seems very close to me. I felt like, they are just waking up after their whole night’s deep sleep and scratching their back with their beaks.

Now a question is coming to mind ?. How did I get to know that they just woke up?. So it was very surprising for me also. I have never seen a bird like this. The very first time I came to know, that they are yawning exactly like human beings. It was so amazing feelings for me to observe them.

They were yawning and scratching, yawning and scratching so on… After 5-10 minutes when they felt like their sleep is far away from their eyes and now they were not feeling lazy, then they immediately flew away one by one. This incident also compels me to think that these creatures are not distant from us. We are morphologically, and anatomically different, but to some extent we are alike. 



Another experience with the birds, I would like to share in the article  ” story of pets” and want to take you into my childhood. As our garden area was bigger in size and a lot of trees were planted there. So numerous birds came and took shelter there.

Some of the bird species sparrows, which we call house sparrows, are very innocent birds daily used to come to my home and wanted some rice grains for food. I enjoyed giving food grains and watching their behaviour.

How do they fight and compete with each other to finish the grains?. When they saw the big bird coming near them to eat the grains, the flock of sparrows was scared and flew away. I could recognize them as male and female due to having the big black patch on the male’s throat.

story of pets

The most pleasing moment I generally enjoyed, was when a mother sparrow picked up the rice grain in her beak and used to feed her child until the stomach fills.

The scariness of the birds I also used to see when the big cat wander round and round below the trees just to find their small eggs and child and the flock of birds instantly chirping loudly many times. Sometimes I used to go chasing behind the cat to push away from that place and save those innocent bird’s children.   

They attack, they alert, they recognize, they protect, they love their kids, they keep possession, they live in their territory, they don’t leave their friend circle, they call their flocks with their different sounds, they feel and observe the danger at once etc.

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I find cats always very beautiful. Like human beings, their nature also differs per pet. The cat who comes here this time is very peaceful and calm in nature. She always waits for hours at the doors until she gets the milk.

No matter if our kids provoke her but she does not react. She is very slow in response. That shows the patience in her nature. She is a very lovable animal.


Her sitting posture attracts me a lot, when she sits as, her two legs are in the middle of the body, her head is straight towards to the front side, her tail, she keeps towards ahead, looks like tying her front feet and blinks her eyes slowly.

I would like to share one more experience with cats. A long time ago, another cat used to come to my house. She was also very calm in nature but when she feels hungry, she began to butter me up as I have mentioned above (how).

She was so friendly and generally used to sit in between our family members, where she used to find us in any room. Pets are human loving. You will not find them sitting alone inside the home.

The drawback with her is that when any person went here and there, she immediately runs off with the person and runs very closely so that many times her tail has been rubbed with the feet. 

Surprisingly, she never retaliated and never showed her anger towards us.  When I give milk to her, I generally observe her behaviour and actions. Sometimes it feels like she is acting like a human being.

 For example, when I ask her would you like to take milk?.and if it was too late to give milk, then she turns her head and doesn’t see my face. It was quite interesting and funny to feel and observe an animal like this. In her every action, at a different time, I observe her, feel her and tried to understand her.

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I hope you really liked and enjoyed reading the article” story of pets “. You surely loved my cute and little observation about the cute animals and birds. So you could co-relate your experience with my real experience mentioned in the story of pets.

If you did not ever experience such. Then I am emphasising you to take some time from your daily life to spend with the birds and animals. You will enjoy and will have so much mental peace while observing them keenly.

Thank You

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