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In the poem” POETRY ON DREAM”, the poetess wants to imagine a dreamland from the child’s point of view. Besides that, the poetry on travelling, home, Earth, Peetza, Breakfast is also mentioned in the ” POETRY ON DREAM”. 



Every day, I go to find my dream in my dreamland,

On the voyage, I cross from my home and go to dreamland,

I learn a lot there in my dreamland,

I have found many little friends like me,

Who are just like butterflies, coz, want to fly,

Want to see the world, as we listen always,

The world is so large,

But we found very small from home to my dreamland.

We know very few people, till where the butterfly flies,

Yes, our  world  is so short, till where we can see,

I find my dreamland very colourful,

Very innovative and very joyful.

Bridges are the way to reach the destination.

And becomes the connecter between me and all the fairytales.

Who always bless me, help to teach me,

Help to grow me in my small dreamland,

And teach me to grow for the new upcoming world.

I quickly want to become a bird from the butterfly,

So that  I will be able to know some more and large world.



An   adventurous  tour,

have you ever experienced,

What you have gone through,

kindly share your experience.

Is it mountaineering, is it river rafting,

Is it bunji jumping or anything other,

How many days did you spend there,

Were you alert every single minute or second,

Were you feel sometimes lonely,

O Dear readers, I am asking you how many times have you spent there.

poetry on dream

You must have experienced different situations in different hours,

You must have found difficulties to change your mindset,

You must have finished your food packets there,

I am sure, you would have been crazy about the foods accordingly,

Definitely, you want to do your task accordingly,

But every time, it seems like failed in completion of work,

If you were doing your task  as a team,

For completing your adventurous task,

So most of the time, you must have been experienced partiality,

Yes, I know, you felt, like you don’t have any power to say,

You don’t have any power to discuss,

You don’t have any power to do your task,

You just have to accomplish your task  by yourself, without taking help from others,

You would have been missed your home and liberty so badly,

You realized how  have you become mature during the journey,

I know some of yours are so rude and senseless,

Just behaving like, they are not human beings,

But I am damn sure, that you would have been able to know,

Life’s secret and experience, after having the great experience of your adventurous tour.



This is my home,

The home sweet home,

Where I feel comfortable there,

I do my work accordingly,

There is no fear, no scary,

No limitation, no hesitations,

Yes, this is my home sweet home,

I do my work whenever I want,

I have my own power,

Power gives me peace and energy,

Nothing to worry about anything.

poetry on dream

I can talk to myself, I can live in my imaginary world,

There is no special desire, no special  requirement,

No any kind of expectations, yes I am happy here,

Yes, I am comfortable here,

It’s like heaven for me,

Where I can rest peacefully,

I have full privacy here,

The most important thing, I am  in peace here,

There is no interference and disturbance here.



I am a child, a good child,

When I wake up, I follow my routine,

I always have craved for my breakfast,

I try to eat some healthy breakfast in my routine,

Mumma gives me different food items daily,

I generally intake milk, fruit juice, cereals, some nuts,

Some chapattis and some fried roti and so on.

She focuses on a balanced diet,

I also avoid having an empty stomach,

Because this is the reason, we fall ill,

As a child, we are supplied by whole nutrition on our body,

So that we are capable of having a good immune system in our body,

The attackers will not be able to touch us,

And our defence mechanism will punch them so quickly.

poetry on dreams

Yes, I am craved for my nutritious breakfast,

Because, this is the first meal, where we start our day,

I take junk food very seldomly, I generally take healthy food,

Coz, I know the importance of healthy food,

Yes, that is why I crave for my breakfast,

And I want different food items in my breakfast.

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I am the earth,

I embrace you all,

I am so different from all,

Coz, I have a life.

I have  water, I have air,

I have mountain, I have land,

I am blue and round,

I provide shelter,

I live in my galaxy,

Where I and my friends live,

moves and spins.

I revolve around the Sun,

In turn, he gives me the light, sunlight,

Which is the most essential for me,

Coz, my creature want this,

And I don’t want to  hurt them,

Whom I have embraced in my lap.

Yes, I find myself lucky,

Coz, I am here to provide,

I am not useless,

The existence of mine is worthy,

I exist in the heart and mind of my most intelligent creature,

That is what called, human.

poetry on dream

I am so lucky to have them,

I am liberal and let allow me to explore,

Yet, their work is going on continuously,

But always, I have been a mystery to all,

Yes, I am a beautiful planet,

And my name is Earth,

And I am proud to give life to others.

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Today I will tell you about one of my favourite food peetza.

When the talk goes on about the celebration,

I like peetza most,

I like its shape its structure.

I came to know about its multi-shaped structure,

It has its own rough surface,

It has a bulging surface,

Its base is hard,

While it was difficult to learn about the structure and shape,

But it has become easy to learn for me, only by seeing peetza,

It was amazing for me when I saw this food item,

It comes in a square box, it is round in shape,

And it is a triangle in pieces, the type of food item.

Although it was hard to learn things theoretically,

Peetza made it easy to learn the type of shape, structure and surfaces.



I hope you must have liked this “poetry on dream”. ” poetry on dream” will help reading, getting information and understanding English.

If you want some poetry on any topic then you can share it in the comment box.  

Thank you

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