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Hello Readers, good to see you here, if you are one of those people who are fond of poetry. I have a gift for you. Some collections of your interest-based, I am presenting here, which I had concealed for you.

” English poetry for kids” topic, tells you, how Mom convinces her Son for eating the apple in the first poetry.




Little baby, little baby

come and sit with me,

Take this apple and keep a smile,

do not grapple, be flexible and versatile.

English poetry for kids


Look at this apple, it’s round and red,

For taking this apple, why are you slow and mad.

Call your sister for accompanying us,

Why are you scared it’s not disastrous,

I promise not to bestow superfluously.

English poetry for kids


Little baby, little baby

Look at the apple

It’s so amazing,

It also prohibits ageing,

It is useful for all ages of people,

By taking this apple don’t be so sluggish and crippled.



Here, Poetess describes the beauty of the flower.


O- my dear flower, pretty flower,

What can I say about you,

you are  inimitable,

The cause of your existence is


English poetry for kids


 O – my lovely flower

 you are  so soft  and beautiful,

 Anybody carry you, look graceful.

You appear in thousands of  colours,

The Insects can’t approach you without flutters.


O- my charming flower,

I offer you to my deity,

I look after my garden to keep you in safety.

You always  beautify my garden,

If I hurt you, saying wrong, give me a pardon.  

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O –my dear  flower

No ceremony occurs without you,

You don’t know how important are you.

Happily you let people pluck you,

How venerable and adorable are you.



In the third poetry, you will see, how the child insisted his dad to purchase his favourite pink balloon.


I love the pink balloon, I love  pink balloon

Papa will gift me soon.


He will buy for me, as he promised me today,

He will purchase it, if only I obey.


My birthday is coming soon,

He will gift me a bunch of balloons.

Last time he bought me the maroon.

I said,” this time I will only take a pink balloon,

Otherwise, I will not eat, or drink soon “.


“Leave stubbornness,

Try to learn your alphabet”.

“Don’t worry, I will take you to the market,

There, whatever you want, you can purchase”.


“Now, go to your room

and complete your homework,

Let me do my office work”, he said.

I said, “Ok dad, I will not insist on you again,

I am going to learn my alphabet again”.


A lot of days are left there for my birthday,

I will talk to you about it, one day before that special day”.

Because I want a pink balloon, I don’t love colourful balloons,

English poetry for english


 My birthday is coming soon”.

Thank you

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