Poetry For A Mother : Feeling Of A Mother




Here a poetess is trying to explain a mother’s painful feelings towards her kids. She is trying to explain her love for her baby and make her understand, “why don’t you understand me”.

Everyone is loyal to their mother,

Everyone loves  a lot their mother,

Kids are small, kids are pure,

Why don’t you?.

Kids are kids, because of their innocency,

Because of their purity,

Why am I unable to find in you.

In some places, in some situations,

You should be neutral and calm,

Why don’t you?.

poetry for a mother

Both are equal to you,

Both love equal to you,

The difference is in their way,

Sense it, please sense it,

Why don’t you?.

Heard somewhere,

Kids sense easily more than adults,

They feel true love and affection of others towards them,

Why don’t you?.

You behave like a bigger one,

You behave like a biased,

You get influenced easily,

Am I really your lovely mother,

O, come on!

You recognise, you recognise,

Why don’t you?.

Are you the same, as you were before,

Going towards the wider zone,

less significant, I am,

Yes, I sense it, I sense it,

Why don’t you, why don’t you?.

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In this poetry, the poetess wants to tell the importance of the mother in this universe. The poetess also wants to tell that the way of her nurturing style is incomparable and she is irreplaceable.

A mother is the one, unexpressible for the words,

A mother is a mother, either of any pet or of any bird,

No matter, how much a father can show love toward his child,

But the way of nurturing, the way of taking care, will always be not wild.

poetry for a mother

The small things, a mom can do,

The smallest detail, a mom can observe,

A child knows and nothing is unnoticed and unobserved.

Nobody can compete with her in her own style of nurturing.

A mom always can sense her baby,

Always can sense his/her small activity,

It always has a different style of nurturing.

Which is almost ignored by anyone,

Nobody can take a mom’s place,

It’s as a  supporting character,

It is an irreplaceable character.

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