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Whether you are a man or woman, boy or girl, every stage of personality has its own charm and attraction. You can be an extrovert, introvert, or ambivert.

No one can be an expert in each field. Every field demands a different personality. One can not replace others.

But nevertheless, I would like to point out some basic features here in this article “how to improve the personality”, which is universally accepted by everyone. 

In today’s date, grooming your personality has become the biggest aspect for all classes of people. Have the patience to read the complete article.

You will get to know, why and how it has become a necessary concern for all?.



I mean to say that we human beings are social people and we are living in today’s world. We all know how we humans are progressing?. How has our lifestyle been changing?.

how to groom personality

How has our life been changing for 2,3 decades?. In this progressive life, everyone is touching everything. 

I mean before 3,4 decades, there was a huge difference in lifestyle between the people belonging to different classes.

The lifestyle of the upper class was quite hidden and untouched by the rest of the class.

how to groom personality

People only could see their living style on the television. But they did not learn those things, because that was not the needy thing for them.



But now, everyone sees, learns and adopts those things. Because nothing is a mystery anywhere in any class. The country is progressing financially, so people are also earning.

A poor man can also spend a few lakhs for his daughter’s wedding and can arrange a rich class party. So what’s the difference?

A simple single earner (of the family) government servant can travel by  Aeroplane. In fact, a private low-income earner can also visit abroad by their company. So where’s the difference?.

As we know, there is no difference between any class and any type of people. Can’t we think, each person should learn some common basic features which are required for their personality development?




Before coming to the main points, I would like to share some more common and interesting examples, in my article” how to improve the personality”, which will justify the above topic.

You will feel relaxing and enjoy reading while you go on a deeper level along with enhancing your knowledge.

Nowadays, media has played a vital role in our life, which connects people with each other. Which gave importance to each people. Which highlighted the miserable parts of the people on television.

Our film industry has created movies about the current situation and current events. They highlighted genuine facts and emphasized the rich people to think about the people’s miserable conditions and motivated them to help the people.

how to groom personality

We all know about Globalisation. We all have been reading about globalisation for many years. We all listen to the news that how international flights connect people from one country to another country.

The most common example of globalisation, we see, that we have seen recently that how coronavirus has been reached everywhere within a very short period of time.

Every country, every state, every district, every city, every remote area village were affected. Not, a single part was left.

Could you imagine how we all are connected with each other?.

That means if one small area of one country is affected in any way ( not only disease wise, it can be miser condition, the inability of accessing the required things), the whole country will be affected and consequently, the whole world is affected.

Because no fully developed country is fulfilled in itself. It also has to import many things from other countries.

But suppose if the rest of the countries were already suffering from their internal misery, then the developed country can’t reach its highest goal.



The article” how to improve the personality ” says, so at the world level, different organisations have already been created to help poor countries and give their support to the people personally or officially.

Going ahead with these kinds of processes, every country is progressing day by day with the help of its government.

And people’s condition has become strong than that  3, 4 decades ago and it seems like there are no major differences between each class.

Many times we see, different organisations organise programmes in small cities for singing, dancing, acting, etc. They are promoted by their talents.

In realities shows and in daily soaps actors, actresses how do they earn popularity and money in spite of having a very simple background?.

Even they give chance to the slum areas people on the basis of their talents. We see everyone is doing something worthy. Nobody is sitting free. Everyone is earning.

Every member of the family is earning and helping their family financially. So where’s is the difference? 

As we came to one conclusion after reading the article ” how to improve the personality “, no field is hidden and unseen to any class of people.

So it is highly required to learn some common things for developing and grooming the personality.

I hope, you can understand why the personality development rule is required compulsory to all in today’s date. 



There are many things, which I describe in my article” how to improve the personality”. If you go to any gathering or any social event. People just see your appearance first.

It doesn’t mean that only appearance matters. But in unknown places, people judge you by this. In fact, they make their friendship by seeing their appearance.

Appearance doesn’t mean spending more money on your clothes and having to give focus on your face make up and on different hairstyles.

A person can look better, If he or she looks hygienic, wear neat, clean and well-pressed clothes. Daily takes bath and skin doesn’t look dirty and smelly.

Instead of focussing on the number of clothes, please focus on the quality of the cloth. Your cleaned and fresh hair gives a good impression in comparison to making different hairstyles or applying serum and gel.

Your body needs daily soap to wash, not perfume and deodorant to hide the smell. Dirt on your body keeps away you from people permanently.

Always remember, try to look decent not as filled with the huge makeup on your appeared part of your body on the daily basis.



It is good art. Everybody is not perfect on it. How you are conveying the message ?. It includes how it is going?. How it is delivered?.  How it is received ?. 

How has it to be taken by the receivers?. Have you ever experienced this?. Sometimes it happens you say right but the receiver takes it in another way.

It is necessary that you have a fault, it can be like this the negativity is filled in the receiver’s mind. But this is another process.

how to groom personality

Which you will be able to know the people after getting friendly with them. Do you really want to read, how sometimes we do not succeed in conveying our messages?. then you have to read the following topics. 



When our language sounds rude, it impacts a lot on our personality. It leaves a bad impression on others.

In our language, people can notice our tone of voice, our behaviour, our etiquette, our values, our controlled nature etc.

when we first visualise, then people see our appearance, but when we started to speak, people see our all things. That determines whether we are again acceptable to those people or not. 



The tone of voice considers most for conveying the messages. If your tone is not good you can hurt most people and you can become people -a hater personality.

Your tone is a reflection of your personality. It shows your whole personality, your identification, etc. So concentrate on this part more. Your tone of voice should be modest. It sweetens your personality.



Generally, human being goes on their way and act according to their mood. It reflects on our behaviour. I explain to you with an example.

If your mood dominates you, so you can acts according to your mood publically,  consequently, you can be misunderstood.

Personality development also teaches you to hide your emotions. Or in other words, it teaches you how to be emotionally balanced?.

We can not show our sad/aggressive mood publically if anyone is not guilty there to our mood. We can’t be in a sad mood in the party ambience.

Behaviour is exactly what we are showing to people. Behaviour tells our mood, and our calmness in our actions. People can easily observe what is going on in their minds. So it counts a lot in our personality.



Our way of talking, our way of wearing, our body language, our posture of sitting and standing, our facial expression, our eye movement (staring/bending down/optimal, while talking), matching of actions and talking, energy level balance in personality and talking.

How do you take others’ opinions?. How do you react to it?. There are so many things to notice in one’s personality, that one can ever notice.

Firstly people see this then, later on, watch your long term nature, long term behaviour, your long term trustworthiness, the real you are. 



How are you adjustable in your surroundings people counts most?. This is applicable not only in professional life but in personal life too.

An adjustable personality has patience, listening ability, multi-tasking ability, ability to live in a negative environment etc. 



Everybody should have frankness to some extent. As I have mentioned above some are introverts, ambiverts or extroverts.

Because shyness will stop you to express yourself and act as a barrier to growth. You can’t enjoy the party if you don’t have any close friends.

You generally prefer to live at home. You can’t enjoy going outside. You can’t enjoy watching the cinema hall and shopping mall If you have excess shyness in your personality.



It should be mandatory for all. Because life is nothing if you don’t have a good, positive social atmosphere outside.

Even if you are not able to meet outside, then through using technology, you can make a good social environment with known ones or unknown ones living in any country.

A social loving person lives happier in his life in comparison to a person, who lives alone with untouched. Yes I know, if circumstances are there outside that you feel difficulty in socialism.

So you can use your easiest device and get connected with anyone through social media. There are many ways, being alone, you can connect with all.

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Being kind-hearted is a precious gift by God. A kind-hearted person can not be selfish and will think about the welfare of the surrounding people with no selfish motive.

If you don’t have a good appearance, if don’t have good knowledge, good behaviour and good etiquette.

But if you have this precious God-given gift, then you will be acceptable in your society. Because this quality is not purchased.

Empathy, you can’t purchase, being compassionate you can’t purchase. But appearance, learning, etiquettes you can purchase for your own welfare.




Although you have good qualities, and a good personality but never lose your self-esteem to anyone. It would make your destiny ahead.

Always be independent, it will help you most to maintain your self-esteem. Never ever compromise your career with anyone. It is a big shield.

Always remember, to keep a positive outlook, have strong willpower, and have a confident personality.



In my article” how to improve the personality”, personally, I would like to suggest becoming a good person, a good human being.

It is the best part of your personality. Don’t lose it. Never get attracted to appearance, outer beauty. These all fade away.

Only inner beauty will live with you. Yes, I know to some extent it is required to focus on outer beauty but never get addicted to that.

Don’t make friendship or any relationship on the basis of outer beauty.

The article ” how to improve the personality ” says, you can brush up your inner beauty by living happy, taking care of your soul, giving time only to yourself, keeping yourself fit and healthy, keeping negligible expectations from yourself and others, by spreading the love towards the people,

by being very busy in your daily life, by ignoring all the negativity, by becoming a loving person, by giving time for spirituality and society etc.

You will find yourself a very very beautiful, attractive and charming person in your eyes. People want to chase you.

Your relationship will automatically be improved. You will be valued all around.

You will find yourself in seventh heaven being on this planet.



I hope you must have liked my article “how to improve the personality “. I hope the last thought will be liked by my adult readers most.

But my youngest readers, you can shape your personality in a good direction. A long time ahead is in front of you. So try to become a good personality from all perspectives.

So you will live happily on this beautiful planet by being valued. Always remember,” A PERSON CAN’T BE OLD UNTILL HE WANTS, AGE ARE JUST NUMBER “.

Thank You

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