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What if, we all don’t have any movers and shakers in our life?. What if, we all contradict each other. No one is there to teach us good lessons, good talk, good manners, good habits and all.

In fact, we don’t know about the good things?. Of course, We can’t imagine such a kind of life. We can’t make anything if our foundation is not strong. 

an essay on teacher

Sometimes, we become so negative in our life, because despite doing hard efforts things don’t go accordingly. We consider the surrounding people very selfish and self-centred. Then we need Guru, who can guide and help us.

The article, An Essay on teacher will tell numerous things. It will guide you on many things as you go ahead.



Any person can be a teacher in your life. If you learn something from someone, that person can act as a teacher in your life. Teacher means GURU. Yes, it’s true, that the first teacher is your mother and the first school is your home because primarily at first child learns from here.

In every stage, we learn formally and informally from others. Sometimes we worship Guru and follow the rules of our Guru. Guru guides us. Guru teaches us. His/her principles save us from wrongdoing.



We learn uncountable things from our parents. As a matter of fact, they shape our personality. Being an adult, you might be thinking that what we are today? What we keep our mentality? somehow because of our parents.

Everyone appreciates their own parents because somewhere they taught them about good deeds and bad deeds. It’s up to us. How do we react to those things due to the influence of our surroundings?.

Everyone wants their descendant on the way of good karma. Yet sadly, bad deeds happen, despite of having our best and foremost teachers.



If I talk about the teacher in the classroom. An implausible picture runs in my mind. How multi-tasking qualities can occur in one personality?. How one can become so calm and patient?.

If you want to see versatility, skillfulness, adaptability, communicator, listener, patient, empathetic, compassionate, understandable, logical, analyser and many more, then you are in right place and reading the right article.

an essay on teacher

No one can replace the teacher. A beautiful and fascinating job, everyone wants to do. It is an undescribable and speechless topic. Giving speech on the teacher will be difficult for me.

A teacher’s job is not only related to giving education and listening to the students but it’s an alms -deed.



If we want, we can find docent to ourselves. We have to believe someone. We have to adore someone. We have to be loyal, honest. Life’s any stage, we can find and follow our Guru. If we are running our home.

I mean to say that if we are living as a household life, we should follow the religious Guru. Who can help us, motivate us to live our life happily. Who can give strength to fight the challenges, we generally face.

an essay on teachers

It is necessary to follow Guru, who can act as a torchbearer in our life and make our life easy and simple. Furthermore, Guru can help us to remove the bad qualities from us and help us to make our life-loving and blessed.  



As I have told you, every life’s stage has its own Guru. Guru whether it would be our parents/classroom teacher or any religious Guru tells us the basic and fundamental principles of our life. They make our life easy.

For example telling the truth, keeping honesty, delicacy, focused, empathetic, compassionate behaviour, and removing the dirty qualities like jealousy, ego, selfishness, greed etc.

If we find ourselves very near to these principles, we feel easy, simple and happy. Difficulties can’t distract us for a long time. We feel humanity from the inside.

We feel holy from the inside. As we are humans and life is so complicated and fast. So we distract quickly and we need Gurus in each path for proper guidance and coming back on track.



As I have told you above in my article” an essay on teacher”, every life’s stage has its own Guru. If the above qualities will be there in a person then the Guru ( parents) will be able to make a definite shape to the personality.

A classroom Guru can help you to achieve your goal. Which is required for your life’s next stage. You can make your household life easy if your classroom guru helped you to achieve your goal.

And it can be fulfilled if your first guru ( parents) helped to make your good personality. A focused and honest mind, a dedicated and compassionate person can never lose the task of each stage of life.

Life’s difficulty will not be a huge challenge for him/her. Consequently, he/she will cross the obstacles. A religious Guru helps us to bring our distracted and diverted minds on the right track. 

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We human beings can’t live without society. Directly and indirectly, we serve our society. Frankly speaking, we are nothing without society. We are born in society. We do get together in society. We celebrate in society.

We have to learn the principles to build relationships with one another in a society. We live and survive for society and in society. These principles help us to make a better society, better country. If we are good, then our society will be good.

We all almost belong to a religious family. We scare to do bad deeds. Our societies are designed in such a way that most of the time it teaches us what is good and what is bad deeds?. I hope you are satisfying reading this article”an essay on teacher”.


Societies sometimes act as a torchbearer. We all give priority to our society. So we are scared to do bad deeds and everyone wants to become good. Everyone believes in building relationships.



Our principles help us to become positive and motivated. We grow and develop our personalities. We only can be positive in our life, if our Guru will be there to teach us at every stage of our life.

A positive mind people can make their house peaceful and optimistic along with their territory and country.

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If the generation will be near about the principles. That will show in their mentality, habit, behaviour and their actions.

The upcoming research, inventions, discoveries will be in a constructive way. The world will be progressive along with connecting in a spiritual way.

Nobody will be alone there. Everybody will be there to help. All will be one. There will be oneness in all.



In my article,” an essay on teacher”, I would like to say these all above things can be achieved if firstly we will give focus to our health. if we will be physically, mentally healthy.

If we feel healthy, then we will be positive and it will be easy for us to adapt to life’s principles and do good deeds accordingly. I hope you surely must have been liked my opinion on the incredible topic teacher.

Thank you

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